27 de agosto de 2012

Commission list status (List are closed)

Hello dears!

As you know this summer my little shop was kept open (my husband has late holidays so we were staying at home most tof the time) so I will put up the commission list as of now:

RREGUI: Blythe / Volks Suzuna / Kakiva (at home) 
Irene: Pipos fantasy parts (at home)
Meike: Elfdoll Dami / Mnf Juri'10 (on hold untill Minifee arrives)
Sarilla: Yo-SD Yayoi / AL Unoa (to be sent when I'm back)
Tara: Mnf Juri'10 (to be sent when I'm back)
Miharu17: IH Jessica (to be sent when I'm back)
Avalon: 2 MSD (to be sent when I'm back)
Iratxe: Ltf Chloe / Puki Cupid / Yo-SD Kakeru / Soom Grit + fantasy parts (to be sent at the middle of september)
Ksiopeaslight: Mnf Miyu (to be sent when I'm back)
Bliss: ? head (to be sent when I'm back)

I'm going to be away from home until September 3 on our mini-holidays. I can still take commissions but I will let you know when to send them ;)

Have a nice end of summer!

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