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Wellcome to my make-up service for Ball Jointed Dolls. If you want me to make your dolls make-up, just read this information or you can ask me directly. I will be very happy to attend you ^^

I'm located in Spain.

I do my work with this:

- Rembrandt pastels
- Faber-Castell, Van Gogh and Derwent watercolours
- MSC Fla
- Vallejo model air and Liquitex Ink acrylics
- Tamiya Gloss
- Mr. Color Thinner
- Shine Pearl Volks and Luts (white, pink, gold (pale and dark), green, blue, copper, purple, silver, red and orange)

Politics of my service:


- All my face-ups will cost $70 (independent of the head's size) and only for basic face-up. Elaborated fantasy works and tattoos need to be consulted with me first.

- As a general norm, I will present only the photos of the finished job. I like to work with my own style and at my rithm. Process pictures can make you doubt and that will slow me down. If you really confide on my style and my hands, then I'm your face-up artist. If you feel unsure without process photos, then maybe I'm not the one for you, don't worry, it's not a problem ^^

- I won't do modifications on previous face-ups.

- Removing old face-up will increase the cost on $10

-Heads need to be perfectly cleaned. If I have to clean it because there are previous face-up rests, I will have to charge you $10 on cleaning concept.

- I won't make reservations in advance. I will advertise when will I get the lists open so you can get your place.

- Please, only reserve an slot if you already have the head that need make-up at home. If not, it can cause delays if I have to wait for something that you don't have still.

Prices (not including shipping costs):


All sizes: $70
Removing old face-up: $10
Tattoos: $10 a simple an small one. Ask me for final pricing.
Eyelashes: free if you send them. $8 if I have to use mine.
Manicure/pedicure: $10 each one.


Blushing SD: $70
Blushing MSD - Yo-SD: $60
Smaller size: $40

SOOM Parts

Made with airbrush

SD size: $70
MSD / Yo-SD: $60

IMPORTANT: remember to ALWAYS send the head mask for the protection of the make-up. I will not take responsability if the make-up gets damaged on the way to you. Please, understand this.

I will always ship trough International Certificate mail (less expensive, sure as EMS and doesn't go trough customs). I will only ship when full payment is done. Payment will be done by Paypal.

Order Form:

1. Username

2. Doll model

3. Make-up form:
  • Eyebrows: (color, form, expression...)
  • Eyeshadow: (colours, extension...)
  • Eyeliner: (without liner, color, natural, strong...)
  • Inferior Eyelashes: (color, form...)
  • Upper eyelashes: yours (free), mine ($8)
  • Lips: (color, with or without lines...)
  • Lip Corners: (with/without, naturals, marked, expression...)
  • Blush: (yes/no, color...)
  • Beauty mole & freckles: (yes/no, place...)
  • Gloss & Shine Pearl: (yes/no, place, more glossy, color...)
  • Extras: (tattoos, scars...) [consult price]
  • Other things:
  • Reference pictures:
4. Shipping address (name, contact phone number, Zip code, e-mail)

That's all. I'm at your service ^__^

You will find my complete works on my Flickr


You can contact me on my Flickr or leaving me a message on this same entry

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