18 de diciembre de 2013

Commission list is open

Hello dears!

I wanted to let you know that for now I will keep my commission list open.

Also, on another note: all payments that come from outside Spain must be done by paypal and on dolars. I will only accept euros for payments that come from inside my own country. Sorry about this =_=

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


22 de septiembre de 2013

Commission list (september - october)

Working list:

Onetigerlilly: 2 heads (?)
Jacobo: Doll Chateau Christine / ?
Pearl: KD Cherry / DIM Bellosse
Seguchi: mnf Rheia / Mnf Lishe
Tara: Glorydoll Lucy / Mnf Chloe
Ashley: Mnf Rena tan

21 de septiembre de 2013

Opening for a few slots

Hello dears!

As I have been working pretty well these past days, I'm able to open for a few slots more ;)

Have a nice weekend!

1 de agosto de 2013

Commission list (august-september)

Lis: mnf Mirwen (done)
Chibichibi: Volks Mika (done) / Volks F-07 (done)
Tomoyo: minifee Celine (done)
Nadiangelita: mnf Miyu (done)
Aderina: Luts TD Alice (done)
Keltxo: Slp Siean (done)
Veronica: Soom Lami (done) / Lati Yellow Lumi (done)
Onetigerlilly: 2 heads (?)
Solecita: DoD yen
Elisabeth: Kakiva / Volks Yuu / Volks Tinatsu
Jacobo: Doll Chateau Christine

30 de julio de 2013

Next opening

Next Opening will be tomorrow Wednesday, July 31, at 18h (spanish time)

I will open for ten slots (max two heads for slot). Just send me an email to get your slot. I will confirm later if you are in.

Also, you need to know that I'm coming and going with the family (it's summer, lets have a bit of fun ^^) so I may work slowly.

Any questions you may have, I will answer with no problem.

Thank you!

28 de julio de 2013

Delay in opening

Note about opening:

Hello dears, I wanted to let you know that I don't think I'm going to be able of opening on August as I wanted to do.

My husband has insisted that we move up and down between his parents summer house and mine and I'm going to be away from the house to keep work steady.

I'm sorry id anyone was waiting for my opening (I'm not too happy with this arrangement but well...)

If things change I will let you know ASAP.