15 de febrero de 2015


Hello dears!

Still alive and working. I have been a bit delayed latety first with bad weather and then because my back acted againt me and I still need to rest (I can't be for hours sitting on a chair painting as I get pains again...).

Sorry about the delays :(

Also, I think I said long ago, but I forgot to add a note on the English Info page: all commissions from outside Spain will be paid in USD$

That's all :)

Have a nice Sunday!

25 de agosto de 2014


Hello dears!

I'm open for commissions again!



Ya está abierto para encargos!

24 de agosto de 2014

Apertura / Next Opening

Hello dears!

I hope you had a great summer. My holidays are coming to an end (my son starts school on September 3) so I'm going back to work :)

Next opening will be tomorrow, August 25 (no time set this time)

Best regards,




Espero que todos hayais disfrutado de un buen verano. Mis vacaciones ya se terminan (el peque empieza el cole el 3 de Septiembre), así que vuelvo al trabajo.

Estará abierto para encargos a partir de mañana, 25 de Agosto (sin hora fija, cuando querais podeis contactar conmigo).



28 de julio de 2014


Hello dears!

I hope you are having a great summer. Here in Spain it's being really hot lately :)

I will be finishing the commissions I have at home and will be away for two weeks on a small holiday with my husband and son.

Next opening will be on August Monday 25th. I will take note of orders and will start working again the next week.

Any questions you may have, I will answer with no problem.

Thank you!

16 de mayo de 2014


Hello dears!

After some thinking I have decided to up a bit my prices for commissions. Materials keep getting expensive and some are pretty difficult to get and I think my work is good enough =_=

I'm sorry about this (but don't worry, it won't be too much)

Have a nice weekend!


18 de diciembre de 2013

Commission list is open

Hello dears!

I wanted to let you know that for now I will keep my commission list open.

Also, on another note: all payments that come from outside Spain must be done by paypal and on dolars. I will only accept euros for payments that come from inside my own country. Sorry about this =_=

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!